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Socks for Your Soul

Created by artists for online communities of all shapes and sizes, every sock design has a story behind it.
Red Panda Socks
$ 14.00
  Show your Red Panda pride with these awesome socks! 50% of the profits from these socks are donated directly to Red Panda Network.  Meet Tenzing.   Tenzing is a Red Panda, also known as a "firefox." Tenzing’s name comes from the famous Nepales...
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Whale Socks
$ 14.00
Show your love of Whales with these gorgeous socks! 50% of the profits from these socks are donated directly to Ocean Conservancy.  While spring is beginning here on land, it is also an exciting time for our marine friends. Bowhead whales, identi...
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Jungmin Socks
$ 14.00
Visual artist Jungmin Son was inspired to create these fun upside down pineapple socks as a way to raise awareness and give back to a cause that means a lot to her.  50% of the proceeds from the sale of these socks are going to Camfed, which suppo...
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Canines For Disabled Kids Socks
$ 14.00
Canines For Disabled Kids is a nonprofit that fosters greater independence for children with disabilities by facilitating service dog partnerships. The founders understood that, while children were a complicated group, they deserved the rich rewa...
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Adestra O Can Socks
$ 14.00
These socks are designed around the Adestra O Can animal rescue nonprofit located in Moaña, Spain. They feature some of the many animals that this incredible nonprofit has rescued. 50% of the proceeds from your purchase will go towards supporting ...
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NorCal Fish For Ocean Conservancy
$ 12.00
When @sfFishMonger's Don Mayfield approached us to make some NorCal fish socks we were thrilled to participate in the collaboration.  Don is a fishmonger and home cook specializing in local seafood cuisine. Working as a fishmonger at the Santa Cr...
Ruta Quetzal Socks
$ 12.00
50% of the proceeds from these rainforest conservation socks will be donated directly to the Rainforest Trust Nonprofit.   Ship in one week
@DRTLondon Geometric Socks
$ 12.00
DRT (@DRTLondon on Instagram) is a visual artist based in London that is passionate about mixed media and geometric art. We are excited to collaborate with DRT on these geometric graffiti bakdrop socks. Ships in one week.
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Camellias Flower Socks
$ 14.00
50% of the proceeds from these socks will be donated directly to the Random Acts of Flowers Nonprofit. Ships in one week.
Happitbulls Crew Socks
$ 12.00
Inspired by the loving pit bulls in our lives, these socks celebrate them. A portion of the profits will be donated to a pit bull rescue foundation. Ships in one week.
Tetillas #FTN
$ 12.00
Ships in one week.
Stand With Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Socks
$ 12.00
50% of the proceeds from these Sioux tribe inspired socks will be donated directly to the Stand with Standing Rock Nonprofit. Ship in one week