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Tribe Socks is a powerful tool that enables online communities to easily raise funds while connecting with your followers in a fun way.

How to effectively market your Tribe Socks fundraiser to your followers

Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

Social media is a powerful tool that will generate a large portion of your contributors. In almost all previous campaigns, social media posts have been reshared about 15% of the total amount of Facebook likes. So if there are 100 likes on the post, we usually see 15 reshares on that specific post. Here is what we have found that works particularly well on social media:
  1. Timing is key, be sure to absolutely post throughout the campaign's duration. Since Facebook only shows to a small percentage of your total audience, posting throughout the campaign's duration (every 2 days) will dramatically boost sales and is highly encouraged.
    1. When posting be sure to mention that the campaign is limited edition, meaning after the campaign's duration it will no longer be possible to purchase the item, and there is a minimum amount needed for the socks to get made. Not only does this create urgency, it also motivates your contributors to become advocates for the campaign's success (they love spreading the word!).
  2. Facebook: Upload an image of the socks and include the link to your campaign in the caption.
    1. We have found that uploading a picture of the socks and including a link in the caption to your Tribe Socks campaign generate 10X the amount of likes! If you need access to a high resolution version, please email us!
  3. Listen and respond to comments
    1. After you post, people like to comment. Be sure to keep track of these conversations and chime in when applicable. If you find a common theme that can be fixed, send us an email.  For example, you may find that there are a lot of folks who want to contribute but live in a country we do not ship to. Let us know if this comes up and we can possibly open your campaign to them.
  4. Post when most of your followers are on Facebook.
    1. It's important to post when your followers are on Facebook. One trick we have seen work particularly well is keeping the Facebook post pinned so it does not get buried by future posts.
  5. Post across all social media channels. The more coverage, the better!

Email Newsletters

Email is an extremely effective tool to market your Tribe Socks fundraising campaign. In some campaigns, we have seen email account for as much as 70% of total sales! What works best is:

  1. Sending out an email specifically for the Tribe Socks fundraiser
  2. Include a picture of the socks and be be sure there is a clear call to action that takes the reader to the campaign's page
  3. Encourage your followers to spread the word, it's easy to forward the email and they certainly will do so.

Influencer Outreach

Since this type of fundraiser is so unique, you have an opportunity to get all sorts of folks on board to help. A benefit of this, aside from increasing sales, is the opportunity to spread awareness about your organization and get new advocates from all over the world! Below are examples of the kind of people we have seen other organization's reach out to:
  1. Bloggers (who have an audience) who are also members of your organization.
  2. Bloggers who post about content related to your organization may be interested in helping.
  3. Local news sites often like covering this type of content.
  4. National news sites may be a bit ambitious, but it can certainly have a massive pay out if it works well.