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Using the latest printing technology and finest fabrics, we developed a Rayon from Bamboo based sock that is so comfortable, we guarantee you will love it or your money back.

The Blend:

It all starts with super soft Rayon from Bamboo as the primary material in our sock blend. It's incredibly breathable and feels as soft as silk. 

Making the Blank Sock:

We then use premium 200 needle machines to create the socks. The higher needle count machines makes durable denser socks (not thicker) and the fine gauge allows the socks to fit better. It’s kinda like putting 1000 thread count sheets for your feet instead of sandpaper.

Printing from the Future:

After the socks are knitted, we use an innovative technology to print the socks. Our socks are not dye sublimated, instead we print directly on the socks.

The major benefits to this sock printing technology are:

  1. The ink penetrates deep into the sock so the artwork stays in tact no matter how much the sock is stretched. 
  2. Machine precision printing stops lines from appearing down the side of the sock. If you compare this with dye sublimated socks, you'll find those socks to have ugly lines down their side caused by the overlapping of artwork. 
  3. We can print on any fabric, which is why out of all materials we chose Rayon from Bamboo.


Manufacturing with Integrity and Ethics:
Our socks are made in China and our manufacturer is audited regularly by globally respected agencies including Hohenstein and the Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production to ensure that the socks are produced in ethical working conditions with environmentally conscious materials that are non-toxic and safe for humans.