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We Changed Our Name to Tribe Socks

We Changed Our Name to Tribe Socks

We are excited to announce that we changed our name from Bakdrop to Tribe Socks!

This will not affect your orders or any past or future campaigns, it's an exciting new rebrand to help our brand continue to grow. 

When we started bakdrop back in 2014, our mission was to help online communities and nonprofits make money by selling limited edition custom sock designs. And since then have proudly raised over $800,000 in earnings for nonprofits, musicians, YouTubers, and other amazing communities all over the world.

But what we didn’t anticipate within the first few months of starting was how difficult it was to make a quality pair of custom full-color socks. We were stuck with 2 bad options: deliver a high-quality pair of socks with incredibly limited ‘8-bit’ personalization (knitted socks), or deliver socks that feel like you’re wearing a piece of plastic but have high definition photo quality printing.

We refused to accept the status quo and began a difficult journey to find a better way to make custom socks that our customers would be proud to wear.

We searched the globe, enrolled in a sock making course, and had over 100 prototypes made. Our relentlessness finally paid off when we came across an emerging printing technology that allowed us to print on cotton.

It was a diamond in the rough, but it was SO much better than anything else on the market. So we spent years working out the kinks and iterating on the process, and are incredibly proud of where we are today.

In addition, we started seeing a demand for custom socks from more than just online communities and nonprofits. We received requests to make custom socks for Birthdays, Corporate Events, Conferences, Weddings, and didn’t feel like Bakdrop was the right brand to include everyone.

We want to build a brand built on enabling people to come together to share a common interest or identity. Tribe Socks is about making custom quality socks for your Tribe. Using our full-color printing process on cotton, we can help you make incredibly well-made socks with designs that you and your tribe will be proud to represent.

We look forward to continuing to work with our awesome partners and push the company in a new and more awesome direction.

Sock on,
The Tribe Socks Team