Socks for your Tribe

Incredibly Well Made Socks, Designed with Purpose

Jungle Chic Socks

For the adventure seekers that keep it stylish

Sock it Out

The Food Collection

It's more than just food, it's a part of our identity

Find Your Food

Socks for Your People

Represent the city you grew up in, or your favorite food, in style.

United by Feet

Tribe Socks is on a mission to bring people together to represent what they love in common. 

We think of a Tribe as something or someone you have a connection with. It can be your family, favorite band, or favorite food. You can either make your own custom socks to represent your people or find socks that represent you in our collections.

Food Collection 🍔🍣🍜🍕

It's more than a craving, it's a part of our identity. What food speaks to you?

The Most Comfortable Socks Ever

Tribe Socks are engineered by comfort fanatics that couldn't help but create anything short of "the most comfortable socks ever." Meticulously-made with premium 200-needle machines, the socks have a knit that’s durable and dense. The toe and heel are reinforced and linked by hand, making the inside of your socks completely seamless. 

Printing From the Future

We are pioneering a custom sock printing technology that allows us to digitally print artwork deep into our yarn, without using cheap alternatives like dye sublimation. This enables us to push the limits of design and make premium socks with vibrant full-color artwork that show no matter how much the socks are stretched or worn.

The Tribe Socks Difference

Engineered from the Yarn Up to Be the Best Sock Ever. Guaranteed.

Flamingo Socks
  • Premium Yarns

    We spent years testing the highest quality yarns and created a premium blend that is unlike anything out there.

  • Full-Color Printed

    We print our socks 360 degrees to ensure they are seamless and look great no matter how much they are stretched. 

  • Designed to Keep Up

    Our socks are 200 needle knit with reinforced toe and heel to keep up with your busy lifestyle in style and comfort. 

  • Fast Shipping with Love

    Our socks are made on demand and we have engineered our process to have up to 4-5 day turnaround time. 

Create Custom Socks

Custom socks for your Tribe, whether it's for a special event at your office, your wedding, birthday, or any other type of celebration, we will help you design and make your sock dreams come true. 

SaaS (Socks As A Service)

You've got sass, we bring you SaaS. Yup, we went there. If you have a large following and are looking to sell socks to your Tribe or run a nonprofit and are looking for new fundraising ideas, we can make custom socks for you to sell on demand.