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Incredibly Well Made Sustainable Socks, Exclusive Artist Collaborations

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Comfort For Your Feet and The Planet

Creating a sustainable sock without compromising comfort is incredibly important to us. Tribe Socks are made from recycled plastic bottles and knit using premium 200-needle machines. The socks have a knit that’s durable and dense. The toe and heel are reinforced and linked by hand, making the inside of your socks completely seamless. Guaranteed to be your favorite pair of socks.

Digital Printing From the Future

We are pioneering a custom sock printing technology that allows us to digitally print artwork deep into our yarn, without using cheap alternatives like dye sublimation. This enables us to push the limits of design and make premium socks with vibrant full-color artwork that show no matter how much the socks are stretched or worn. All of our inks are water-based and we carefully source every piece of our supply chain to ensure it is gentle on the environment.

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Go Wild With Socks

For the wild ones to hold on to their wild side even when they have to dress up

Create Custom Socks

Custom socks for your Tribe, whether it's for a special event at your office, your wedding, birthday, or any other type of celebration, we will help you design and make your sock dreams come true. 

SaaS (Socks As A Service)

You've got sass, we bring you SaaS. Yup, we went there. If you have a large following and are looking to sell socks to your Tribe or run a nonprofit and are looking for new fundraising ideas, we can make custom socks for you to sell on demand.