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Tribe Socks Founders

Our custom sock journey began in 2014 in sometimes sunny San Francisco. Andres and Eric quit their day jobs at Google with a dream of helping nonprofits, online communities, and musicians make money by selling custom socks. That is how bakdrop.com, our first sock venture, was born. We picked socks as our main product since we love fun socks and saw a demand in the market for unique, affordable, and quality merch that caters to a large market (and is not another silly tee shirt).

But within a month of launching, it was clear just how terrible the quality of customs socks are. They either feel nice but have a very plain design due to old knitting technique limitations, or dye-sublimated socks look great until you put them on, and you discover they’re made of polyester and feel like a piece of cardboard. We searched the globe for better options, talked to lots of manufacturers that have been making socks for decades, and even enrolled in a sock making course (seriously), but there was just nothing out there.

So we worked our socks off to find a solution. We partnered up with the best sock knitter we could find and worked closely with them to pioneer a new printing technology together. The objective was to create a quality pair of printed socks that look as awesome as they feel, without making any compromises. It took us a while, but we did it!

Two years later and over 200,000 socks shipped to 40+ countries, we were ready to open up our proprietary printing technology to the world. That’s how Tribe was born.

Tribe is about making incredible quality custom socks that your squad will be proud to wear. Whether you need custom socks for a wedding, event, or a sock party (yes it’s happened), we’ll make it happen, fast and with love.