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80s Kids Are Rad

Totally tubular designs honoring a truly bodacious decade.
Ice Cream 80s Socks
$ 14.00
This pair puts the pop in popsicle. That's three scoops of fresh!
80s Totally Tech Socks
$ 14.00
Record your love for the 80s with these socks. They're even better than a mixtape!
Funky 80s Socks
$ 14.00
Get juiced and hang loose in these confetti-sprinkled socks.
80s Splash Socks
$ 14.00
Splash some color onto your feet. Come on, dude. It'll be totally tubular!
Neon 80s Socks
$ 14.00
Your friends'll need shades when you step out in this neon pink pair.
Eye Love The 80s Socks
$ 14.00
Every step you take, they'll be watching you.
80s Homework Socks
$ 14.00
Did you spend the 80s hanging tough with your graphing calculator? Then these dusty blue beauties are for you, zeek.