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Jungle Chic Socks

Flamingo Socks
$ 14.00
Whether you prefer to stand on two feet or on one, we know you're going to love these socks! Why stop when you can flamingo?
Sloth Socks
$ 14.00
Some say sloth is a sin, but we say sloth is a win. Show your love of these languid creatures by wearing these sloth socks on your lazy days.
Koala Socks
$ 14.00
What do you mean koalas aren't really bears? They have all the koala-fications!
Toucan Socks
$ 14.00
Wear these beautiful socks as a reminder that if one can't... toucan.
Parrot Socks
$ 14.00
Did you know that parrots are the only birds who can eat with their feet? It seems only fitting to celebrate these beautiful birds by displaying them on your feet.