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Food Collection

Hanukkah Latke Apple Sauce Socks
$ 16.00
Celebrate all 8 nights of Hanukkah in your latke applesauce socks 🕎
Pizza Socks
$ 14.00
Pepperoni or Hawaiian. Strictly vegan or extra cheese. Any way you slice it, pizza is the best. Designed with every topping in mind, these Pizza Socks are fully loaded and available for delivery. 
Ramen Socks
$ 14.00
Hot, 'slurpy' noodles swimming in delicious broth. It's not just soup, it's ramen!
Sushi Socks
$ 14.00
Sushi all day, every day: that's how you roll. These socks respect the rice by repping all kinds of maki and sashimi. All you'll need is the sake. Kampai!
Taco Socos
$ 14.00
These beauties are nacho average socks. Mexican food? ¡Para siempe! Complete with crispy tacos, overstuffed burritos, piñatas, and sombreros, this pair is a true fiesta. Pass the chips?
Chinese Takeout Socks
$ 14.00
As a San Francisco-based company, we have a soft spot for 'Americanized' Chinese food. Saucy stir-fries, wok-charred noodles, and egg foo young: food for the soul. What other cuisine leaves you with a fortune?!
Hot Sauce Socks
$ 14.00
What's hotter than a habañero but guaranteed not to make your eyes water? These spicy socks! Let's face it, all food is merely a vehicle for hot sauce. The hotter the better! Show the world how much you love the burn with these spicy socks.
Burger Socks
$ 14.00
When you're really hungry, is there anything so satisfying as a cheeseburgers and fries? It's a good thing such delicacies aren't rare. 
Ice Cream Socks
$ 14.00
What's the best day of the week? Sundae. Show your love of frozen bliss with some cherry-red Ice Cream Socks. And the best part? These sweet scoops will never melt.