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Angel Leo ‰ÛÒ BLT Crew Socks

$ 14.00
Angel Leo ‰ÛÒ BLT Crew Socks

Angel Leo ‰ÛÒ BLT Crew Socks

$ 14.00

On August 11th we said goodbye to our beloved Leo, the 15-year-old lion in our ‰ÛÏBLT‰۝ trio.

Baloo (bear), Leo (lion), and Shere Khan (tiger) are collectively known as "the BLT" (Bear, Lion, & Tiger). They were rescued together back in 2001 from a drug dealer's basement, and have been peacefully living together as brothers ever since.

Proceeds from the sale of these socks will go towards the feed and care of our 1,000+ rescued animal friends at the sanctuary.

These premiumåÊsocks are madeåÊwith 200 needle machines with the finest fabrics: 75% Bamboo Rayon, 22% Nylon & 3% Elastane.åÊBamboo Rayon comes from Bamboo and feels softer than cotton. The socks are one size fits all, up to a size 12 Male U.S.

These socks will only be available for a limited time, so be sure to get a pair while you still can!

The Tribe Socks Difference

Engineered from the Yarn Up to Be the Best Sock Ever. Guaranteed.

  • Premium Yarns

    We spent years testing the highest quality yarns and created a premium blend that is unlike anything out there.

  • Full-Color Printed

    We print our socks 360 degrees to ensure they are seamless and look great no matter how much they are stretched. 

  • Designed to Keep Up

    Our socks are 200 needle knit with reinforced toe and heel to keep up with your busy lifestyle in style and comfort.

  • Fast Shipping with Love

    Our socks are made on demand and we have engineered our process to ship within a week.