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Jungmin's Wedding Socks

$ 20.00
Jungmin's Wedding Socks

Jungmin's Wedding Socks

$ 20.00

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Thank you for visiting our SOCKS for charity webpage! All proceeds will go to the charities described below.

The Socks


Jungmin and Andres’ friendship dates back to the years in College Hill when they would go on celebratory motorcycle rides together. Andres is the co-founder of Bakdrop, a company with the mission of making better socks, by collaborating with artists to raise money for worthy causes.

As Jungmin was preparing for her upcoming wedding, they found themselves brainstorming ways they could turn a wedding into an occasion to give back, and the idea of wedding socks was born! Loving the idea so much, Jungmin made these unique paintings within a day and Andres promptly turned them into fantastic socks.

If you’ve ever thought palm trees kind of look like upside down pineapples, or if you didn’t think of it but now you completely agree, these socks are for you.

These weird yet wonderful socks will make you feel like life is one big vacation, full of sunny places you’ve only ever seen in your imagination.

Meticulously made by comfort fanatics, premium 200-needle machines deliver a knit that’s dense and durable. The toe is reinforced and linked by hand, making the inside of your socks completely seamless.

Side effects may include:

  • Giggle attacks
  • Skip in your step
  • Very snug feet
  • Extreme individuality
  • Happiness all day, everyday

These socks have been printed and will be available for pickup during the wedding!

Learn More About The Charities We're Donating To

Camfed supports the schooling and success of young women in Africa. The education of these women is proven to improve not only their lives but that of their children and their communities.

The Rainforest Trust purchases and protects vulnerable habitats around the world. It is our responsibility to preserve as much of the natural world as we can for subsequent generations who will likely be less healthy and will certainly know less beauty without it.

L.A. Kitchen “believes that neither food nor people should ever go to waste.” They collect and redistribute healthy food which would otherwise be discarded; they train parolees in the food service industry, and they provide meals and nutrition education to the homeless and elderly.

Thank you.


Jungmin and Rush

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