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Sț̦ki Sound Crew Socks

$ 14.00
Sț̦ki Sound Crew Socks

Sț̦ki Sound Crew Socks

$ 14.00

These limited edition Stooki Sound crew socks are available through November 29th. Be sure to get a pair while you still can! Please note these socks will most likely not arrive by Christmas, since they are made to order

These premiumåÊsocks are madeåÊwith 200 needle machines with the finest fabrics: 75% Bamboo Rayon, 22% Nylon & 3% Elastane.åÊBamboo Rayon comes from Bamboo and feels softer than cotton. The socks are one size fits all, up to a size 12 Male U.S.

The Tribe Socks Difference

Engineered from the Yarn Up to Be the Best Sock Ever. Guaranteed.

Featured Product
  • Premium Yarns

    We spent years testing the highest quality yarns and created a premium blend that is unlike anything out there.

  • Full-Color Printed

    We print our socks 360 degrees to ensure they are seamless and look great no matter how much they are stretched. 

  • Designed to Keep Up

    Our socks are 200 needle knit with reinforced toe and heel to keep up with your busy lifestyle in style and comfort.

  • Fast Shipping with Love

    Our socks are made on demand and we have engineered our process to ship within a week.